Read wash hands!!!!

My mom says everyday!!! Wake up wash hands! Eat wash hands! Do work wash hands! Eat lunch wash hands! Read a book wash hands! Do exercise wash hands! Take a shower wash hands! Eat dinner wash hands! Brush teeth wash hands! Use the toilet wash hands! Go to sleep wash hands! Dream wash hands! Ugh! Repeat!! wash hands!!!

Roll Roll off your bed gentle on the floor ;-;

One time when I was 7 years old.I didn’t want to go to sleep because I was a bad kid.So me,my sister also little brother was ROLLING on the BED!So it was my turn to you knowΒ ROLL ON THE BED! So I accidentally rolled to the right side off the bed LIKE SONIC!Β Then I made a big THUMP sound! I was on the floor and I turned around with a shocking face with my mouth wide open and looked at my brother and sister.Then my sister and brother couldn’t stopΒ laughing until they fallen asleep.I can’t believe no one in the house heard that!I also feel bad for my neighbor down stairs 0-0. Also my sister still remembers til this day!

Ohuhu Markers!

I am so happy today.In the mail i received today was my gift from grandma.I love my grandma so much for buying me not just any dollar tree markers.She actually got me the Ohuhu Markers.Im sooooo excited to go try them out!!They are water colors!!!!